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Oil Paintings by Bryan S. Whitehead

My Inspiration:

Maine Landscapes
Ohio Valley
Eastern Europe
Portraits / Commissions
Furthering Technique

Quick News:

Jan 24, 2015: I'm juggling facebook and this site. Be sure to add me on facebook if you have it to get the most recent news. Added a bunch of work to the Maine galley.
November 25, 2014: I had a painting selected as a finalist in the Raymar online art competition this past October.
Aug 16, 2014: I'll be out of my studio until August 23. I won't have access to email during that time.
Aug 2014: Prices are marked on all paintings (some were missing) and I changed the gallery sections around a bit. I'm in the process of moving this site to a new host that will be more flexible going into the future. I'm opening a message board very soon for artists; more on this later. Edit1: my email was down for a bit, but I didn't lose anything.
Jul 2014: If you are in Bar Harbor and want to see more of my paintings please check out the Argosy Gallery. They tend to only have room for a couple of them at a time, but they have them stored in the back so please ask. My blog and Facebook page have become the primary update outlets for my painting and work. Check out those first or friend me on facebook..
Mar 2014: The WG Painter's Blog is up and running. I've got a couple posts so far. I'll refine it a bit and add some old content and continue with new. A few paintings were shipped to The Argosy and some great ones added to the Maine gallery here.
Jan 2014: My work in Maine was very fruitful this past fall. I added a number of paintings to the Maine gallery with more to follow. If you are interested in any of them please email me before I send them to the gallery.
Sep 2013: I'll be working in Maine later this month and into October. The Argosy Gallery in Bar Harbor currently has a solid selection of my paintings.
Aug 2013: Added paintings to archives; new auctions started on ebay.

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Bryan on Facebook
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